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1 Is it hard to make wine?
1.1 Is It Hard To Make Wine?

Itʼs not hard at all! The hardest part about making your own wine/beer is waiting for it to be done. You can make it by yourself but itʼs more fun to have a partner or friend to get involved and you will enjoy sampling day much more!

1.2 How Long Does It Take To Make Your Own Beer/Wine?

Generally, it takes about a month, but it depends on the kit as well. We have 4-8 week kits here at the store. Beer is a lot faster, I wish I liked beer as much as I like wine, then I would have less time to wait! Wine needs some time to age. You know what they say, “All good things come in time!”

1.3 What Does It Cost To Make Your Own Beer/Wine?

Itʼs pretty cheap compared to what you pay per bottle at your typical liquor store. To get started it will cost you just under$200, and that is including the kit. We do offer different packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, which come in a range of prices. For more information on pricing give us a call at 780-417-7380 (tel:1-780-417-7380)